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Stevon Lucero – Artist Conversations – Part I

The Smithsonian visited Colorado recently looking for the prominent Latino artists of the community. They visited the Museo de las Americas where they recommended Stevon Lucero and his wife Arlette’s artwork. “This all came about totally out of the blue,” states Lucero. The Smithsonian is gathering everything that has ever been written about the artists, as Lucero describes it “Everything that has my name on it, including my stories.” This process has caused Lucero to rediscover his own artwork. “The archivists are going to digitize everything and our work will be displayed in chronological order. So we have started to collect stuff and I freaked out,” stated Lucero “I have done so much art, so much so that I have art that I have completely forgotten about. I will look at posters and say “wow I don’t remember doing that”, and then I started going through photographs and all the sudden I am realizing that I’ve done art that I don’t remember even doing and yet, that is all that my life is. I don’t have a life when I stop and think about it. This is something that I think all your dedicated artists suddenly come to the realization of, that what life they do have is in their work.” After a pause of reflection Lucero then shares that when he does look at a painting he can remember the music that he listened to while he painted it or how he was feeling, “like that little memory is locked in that painting.”

To read the full article please go to this link:

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