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Stevon Art at CHAC

Stevon Lucero Room by Robert Maestas

Stevon Lucero has a room at CHAC Norte to showcase new works of Original Oil Paintings every month. The location is 774 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO 80211. Phone is 303-571-0440. Come check out his art and talk to the artist on First Fridays when all the galleries on Santa Fe Drive are open and the streets are filled with patrons, artists, musicians and fun.

Stevon usually has a sacrificial piece that he prices for a discount only for one month before the price goes back to it's original price. He also has a few smaller pieces that are reasonably priced. And for $12.00 you can buy a print of his art at CHAC. These prints retail for $20.00 at other galleries and on the website. Talk to him in person to see what other deals he might offer.

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