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Moonwalk - A True Story

The Big Bang by Stevon Lucero

On July 21, 1969 a group of friends and I went up to Ninth Street Hill in Laramie to “cavort”. Cavorting was Chuck's idea which was another word for getting stoned and party. After we got there we smoked some pot and some of us were tripping on acid. We put out some speakers and began to party. As usual I soon tired of cavorting so I walked off a short distance from the gang and sat down to look at Laramie in the distance. Although I was by myself I was not so far from the group that I couldn't hear what was happening or being said. Pretty soon another friend named Kent M. drove up the road to us all excited about an article in the Rocky Mountain News. The article was about the moon landing and the Armstrong's moonwalk that happened the night before or sometime in the last twenty four hours. Kent gathered everyone around him to read this article but I stayed where I was at. I was sitting crossed legged Indian style on the ground about twelve to fifteen feet from the group. I could hear him though so I didn't feel the need to stand around with the others.

As I sat there, Kent began to read the article which incidentally was on the front page with a large picture of Armstrong stepping off the landing craft onto the moon. The story however was not about the landing but about the mystery of the “glitch” where Armstrong appeared to disappear momentarily. You see on the film taken of the landing, a point where just before Armstrong’s foot touched the ground, he disappeared or app eared to. Poof!...gone and then reappears a microsecond later. It was like he disappeared for a wink. Supposedly there was no possible explanation. That didn't matter because all they had to do was make one up and the matter was forgotten.

The writer of this article said his purpose in writing this was to explain this disappearance. At first I thought the article was fiction until the last few lines freaked me and the others out.

The story went like this, at least as I remember it. It said when Armstrong disappeared he went into another dimension. Yes another dimension. Literally. Instead of stepping on the moon he stepped out onto a lush green planet full of the sounds of the singing of birds, flying butterflies, insects, etc. He was in a state of shock and was broadcasting what he was perceiving all around him. While he stood there not knowing what to do he received an even greater shock...are you ready? He saw a “tiny purple beautiful woman flying toward him with butterfly wings". While he stood there in a state of shock and disbelief she told him “telepathically” that she had come to welcome him to her world. She then took or rather guided him to a golden city that was inhabited with people with large golden eyes and golden skin. She took him on a tour of this bizarre alien world that he observed in utter silence. After a while he got his voice and composure back and he proceeded to broadcast all this back to the earth. When the tour was over she took him back to where she found him. She then told him that his broadcasting all this back to the earth was futile because nobody would hear it except those who were meant to hear it.

She said, "The people of earth will hear only what they expect to hear and see only what they expect to see. You see the moon as a dead lifeless planet only because your imaginations are dead and lifeless. All planets have life but one cannot perceive it until it is in union collectively. Our perceptions are limited by our ability to Love. Love releases the perception through the imagination. We set up our perceptions by what Love affirms in life therefore allowing those ideas, feelings and imaginings to be what we perceive individually and collectively. Hate and various forms of hate or lack of Love denies life therefor sterilizing our perceptions. So we of earth will only find what we expect to find. Not what is.”

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