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Pyramid Dream - Seepage

Cosmic Trinity

Sometime ago, I had a dream where two friends and I drove to Ames Monument east of Laramie about twenty-five miles. Those two friends were Ken Chavez and David Lang. Why? I think my sub-conscience picked them as they were the two people I had ongoing metaphysical dialogue with. The reason (in the dream) we'd come out to the monument was to hold a meditative session inside it. Why? Because Ames Monument is a pyramid and it was supposed to be aligned to the same mathematical and cardinal directions as the Great Pyramid at Giza. Now Ames Monument is a real place. It was built by the railroad to commemorate the Ames brothers, who were instrumental in the building of the railroad. So they put this big stone pyramid in the middle of nowhere between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming.

On the (I believe) southwest bottom corner of the pyramid, there is a small opening no wider than eighteen to twenty inches square. It's supposed to go to a small chamber within the structure. It's a popular challenge for college students to go in there. I don't know of anyone who ever did but there are plenty of those who say they did. I tried going in there once. It became so black, and so narrow that the claustrophobia hit me like a Mack truck, even though I was not claustrophobic. But this was a dream and dreams will take you places you'd never dream of going.

Back to the dream. Since we couldn't go to Egypt to meditate in a pyramid we decided to go to the one in our own backyard. It was dusk when we started to crawl into the monument. The passage was winding, dark, cold, narrow, and wound into a small space of around twelve square feet. We had flashlights to look around. Silently we each took a position facing the walls with our backs to each other. Each of us were facing one of the four directions as we sat down into a lotus position.

We turned off our flashlights. I noticed that just before we turned off our lights there were not three of us but four. A fourth person had joined our party but no one seemed to notice or care. No one said anything about it. I don't know who or what that fourth figure was. We just silently turned out the lights and begun our meditations. Since we were turned away from each other, I don't even know if this fourth guy had a face.

As we sat there in the pitch black, I didn't think about the stranger. Although I thought it was a little odd but somehow correct. In order. As it should be. We sat there for some time when soon a dim yellow-green light or haze began to form in the spot directly in the center of the room. Although our backs were turned to each other, I was seeing this as an outside observer, like watching a movie or in my mind's eye. I also knew everyone else was aware and could see this as well.

This hazy yellow-green light continued to slowly undulate into a small sphere about the size of a luminous marble. It started to grow. Slowly. It grew to about the size of a baseball, then a soccer ball and then a basketball. At this point the ball grew four little nipples each facing the direct middle of our backs. The sphere continued to grow and the nipples began to grow out from the surface of the ball. They turned into tentacles undulating through the air toward each of us.

By this time, the ball was glowing so brightly the room was starting to light up with this yellow-green color. Eventually the luminous tentacles reached us. But for some reason we were no longer sitting with our backs to each other. We were quietly sitting facing each other. Then each tentacle attached itself to our navels like an electric cord plugging into a wall socket. By this time the light from the sphere was so bright we couldn't see each other so I still couldn't get a look at the fourth guy. Soon the skin around our bellybuttons began to have that yellow-green glow. The eerie green glow slowly continued to spread until our entire bodies were glowing this color.

Soon, the ground beneath us started to change into the green until the entire floor, walls and ceiling were glowing the yellow green. By now the color was predominantly green with a yellowish glow. At this point the scene changed to the outside of the pyramid. Slowing the monument started to turn green from the bottom to the top. Then the ground itself began absorbing this liquid green light, It spread in a perfect circle around the pyramid outward over all the land. It spread everywhere to eventually it hit the towns and cities. Then the dream shifted gears and the greenness spread everywhere.

I saw a woman peeling a potato in preparation for her family's dinner, as the floor of her kitchen was turning green. She couldn’t see the color all around her even as it was creeping up her legs saturating her in an invisible green light. When the transformation was complete she merely sat down in a lotus position right where she had been standing. Whether she could see the green light at that point. I don't know. It didn't seem to matter. Scene after scene this happened to everyone. One by one it spread and each time it was the same. The person was oblivious to the changes around him or her until the individual had become green. Then they would merely sit.

The next shift in the scene, was seeing the earth from space. I could see the green color start as a little dot in the middle of the United States and it slowly got larger and larger and larger until the whole planet was just a huge glowing ball in space. I was watching from the moon. All of a sudden the earth began to tremble and shake. This continued to build up until the planet blew up. Sitting there in the debris, which looked like a shattered glass Christmas tree ornament that had fallen off the tree, was a gigantic Being made up of White Light.

Humanoid in form, it was neither male nor female. “He” sat there, looking around, although there were no eyes or mouth, ears or nose. With no facial features it look around made a yawning gesture and stretched “his” arms as when getting up in the morning. In fact it looked like “he” was just sitting in bed waking up to start the day. The shattered remains of the earth were still glowing green and were floating slowly outward into space. They were slowly dissipating into space leaving a big empty place where the earth had once been.

He scratched his head and looked around and then bought his arms in an outstretched arch and fisted the hands, then brought them together over his head. There was a huge flash and “his” body turned into a huge comet which swirled around a few times then sped off into the cosmos.

This ended the dream.

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