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Axiom Deflection – A Dream

Crismson Ship

I had a Hollywood production dream. A movie dream. When the “movie” began it opened visually with a book. A golden book with encrusted jewels and a picture on the cover showing a big white windowless ship floating on a red sea. Above the picture were the letters in large black caps G.O.D. Under these letters in smaller black lettering was PRODUCTIONS PRESENT. Under the picture of the boat were the words in large black stylized letters AXIOM DEFLECTION. Then a hand appeared like a typical fairy tale Disney movie and turned the cover of the book to the first page. It had a cartoon picture of a ship on a red sea like the jewel encrusted cover. Under that were the words “Once upon a time in another world...”.

That's how the movie started.

The title of this “film” was Axiom Deflection, starring Susan Hayward and Victor Mature. Now this dream happened during my first marriage so the role of Susan Hayward was played by then wife Nancy and I of course played the role of Victor Mature. A local Laramie character known as Peter Rabbit was in it too. He played a perfect Master in search of a disciple but had gone insane in his looking.

The story was about a man (me) who was in a strange alien type navy in a world that was totally covered with this blood red sea or rather ocean. He lived and worked on a ship that was huge. It was between seven to eight miles long and three miles wide. The ship had no windows so the inhabitants never saw the red ocean. The ship was so large it glided across the water so smoothly they never felt a rock or shimmy.

The boat was very tall as well. It was at least a half mile high with over two hundred levels from top to bottom. The ship was entirely self-contained with living quarters, market centers, industrial areas, recreational and sporting centers. It had everything to maintain a healthy and happy society. But the people who lived there had no idea of the reality they lived. in. They didn't know they were on a big boat wandering around on a red sea. They didn't know and didn't care.

This was their own completely contained country and that was enough thank you. Everyone that is except Victor. As a rule people didn't ask a lot of questions, mostly because there weren't a lot of answers just a lot of bother. But not Victor. He was always asking questions. So much so that he had become a bother. People avoided him and he had few if any friends. One day (they didn't have days or nights in this world so I'm using the term loosely as a point of reference) Victor was wandering around this huge Coliseum-like arena looking at the high ceilings and wondering about it's construction.

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