Short Bio of Stevon Lucero by Tana Lucero


Stevon Lucero is a vibrant, unique, and valuable member of the Denver Community. He has lived and worked in Denver since 1976 when he moved his small family from Laramie, Wyoming to ‘the big city.' With a unique vision and voice, he quickly became an active participant in the growing Denver art scene. He helped to create the dynamic Latino arts organization, CHAC, which has anchored and facilitated the exciting revitalization of Santa Fe Drive.


His art and his personality have inspired generations of artists. He has lovingly, generously provided his experience and advice to dozens and dozens of young Creatives looking for a mentor, and not just in his field of visual art. He has been a beacon and an inspiration to young writers, musicians and actors, as well. Articulate and thoughtful, he helps both young and old people to learn to express their inner artist; to appreciate the magic and beauty that exists in any act of creation; to recognize the vital importance that every voice brings to the community table. He is loved and respected by so many people in this community. His art, his philosophies, and his compassion have made him an asset to everyone in this city, regardless of race or status.


He has contributed his passion and love, via his art, to Denver and the world for nearly his entire adult life. His paintings have been presented to world leaders as gestures of friendship and unity. He has been an unofficial ambassador of good will and an example of Denver's pioneering energy throughout his travels in this world. Meeting and teaching people from all walks of life, he exemplifies the optimism, the individualism, and the determination that have been the foundational principles of this wonderful city, Denver.


In my own mind, he is something of a landmark; a human entity which is more than the sum of his parts. He represents an iconic belief in the powers of the human imagination and a resounding declaration of our ability to achieve our dreams.